Acid resistant industrial film

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1. Application fields:

Treatment of acid wastewater containing heavy metals, separation and recovery of heavy metals and industrial water

Cyanide lean solution treatment, separation and recovery of precious metals

The ordinary ro concentrated brine was further concentrated and treated with zero discharge

From the reagent, alkali recovery, water purification, etc

Separation and recovery of various industrial pickling waste acids

2. Application in acid concentration case

·Sulfuric acid concentration from 1% to 13%

·Hydrochloric acid concentration from 0.5% to 5%

·Phosphoric acid concentration from 0.2% to 15%

·Acetic acid concentration from 5% to 25%

3. Examples of acid purification

·Purification of 25% phosphoric acid to remove organic matter and heavy metal in acid

·Removal of metals and organics by 22% hydrochloric acid purification

·Removal of heavy metals and organics by 12% sulfuric acid

·Removal of metals and organics by 5% hydrofluoric acid

4. Typical process of waste acid water treatment in titanium dioxide industry