YKD type horizontal graphite heat exchanger with round block hole

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        [structure and characteristics]

        Six edge YKD horizontal graphite heat exchanger is a kind of advanced graphite heat exchanger with superior performance. The cylinder heat exchange block adopts standard unit block, which has high structural strength. In the structure, PTFE 0 type circular sealing medium is used instead of cementing agent, and pressure spring is added as automatic compensation mechanism for thermal expansion and cold contraction The heat exchanger has the characteristics of high structural strength, high temperature and pressure resistance, good impact resistance, high heat transfer efficiency, long service life and easy maintenance. The evaporator can be made by slightly changing the upper and lower heads.

        [technical characteristics]

        Design temperature: as heater: - 20 ~ can be increased to 400 * C (320 * C has been paid)

        Design pressure: atmospheric pressure ~ 0.4MPa (this type of product with ~ 2.4Mpa pressure can be designed and manufactured according to the user's needs, and the paid for product is 1.8MPa)


        This series of products can be used as heater, cooler and condenser. When used as condenser, gas-liquid separator should be installed.

        [equipment advantages]

        In addition to the advantages of yka series, it also has the following features:

        (1) There are no holes in the graphite heat exchanger block, and the water holes pass from one side to the other side, and the material holes are full of heat exchange blocks to improve the material utilization rate;

        (2) The stone gauge block has only one foreign sealing surface, while yka series has internal and external sealing surfaces, which is easy to cause sealing failure, which is greatly convenient for processing and maintenance;

        (3) The volume of the equipment with the same heat exchange area is smaller than that of yka, and the equipment is more compact;

        (4) It can manufacture larger equipment;

        (5) It can be designed for multi process, vertical and horizontal state.

        Structure and size of YKD gas liquid separator:

YKD type horizontal graphite heat exchanger with round block hole

        Installation dimension table:

YKD type horizontal graphite heat exchanger with round block hole