Yka round block graphite heat exchanger

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        [structure and characteristics]

        Yka round block hole is a kind of graphite heat exchanger with superior performance. It is composed of upper and lower graphite heads and unit heat exchanger block. The cylinder heat exchange block adopts standard unit block, which has high structural strength. In the structure, no cementing agent is used. PTFE O-shaped circle or expanded PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene elastic rope) sealing medium is adopted, and pressure spring is added as automatic compensation mechanism for thermal expansion and cold contraction. The heat exchanger has the advantages of high structural strength, high temperature and pressure resistance, good impact resistance and high volume utilization. High heat transfer efficiency. It has the characteristics of long service life and easy maintenance.

        [technical characteristics]:~ 40 ° C: - 180 ° 

        Design pressure: 0.4MPa (this type of product with 0.4MP pressure can also be designed and manufactured according to the needs of users)

        Heat exchange area: 1 ~ 200m2

        The YKD type can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of users. The design temperature can be ~ 400 ° C, the design pressure can be ~ 2.4 MPa, and the heat exchanger of more than 200 m2 can also be designed and manufactured.

        Attachment: T has reached 320 ° C and P has reached 1.8 MPa.


        his series of products can be used as evaporators, heaters, coolers and condensers. When used as condensers, gas-liquid separators should be installed at the bottom.

        [equipment advantages]

        (1) The unit graphite block design is adopted, and the damaged block can be replaced quickly;

        (2) Gasket is used between graphite blocks, no adhesive, easy to disassemble and install, and convenient to maintain;

        (3) The area of heat exchanger can be increased by adding graphite block;

        (4) Strong impact resistance.