Speech by leaders

    Dear guests: welcome to our homepage!

    Nantong Shanjian Graphite Equipment Co., Ltd. and Nantong graphite equipment design and Research Institute are close entities. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise with professional research, design, production and sales of graphite equipment, anticorrosion construction and related services.

    For decades, we have been improving our graphite equipment's performance and level. We have designed and developed dozens of new types of graphite equipment with advanced performance and level. Among them, YKSL type three in one hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace has been recognized as "some performance is in advanced level" by "China Chlor Alkali Industry Association" and "China Industrial Corrosion Protection Technology Association", and has been exported for many times, 0.5-0.6mpa large and medium-sized graphite tower is also advanced level, practical 1.2MPa, 320C graphite heater, practical 1.8MPa graphite cooler, etc.; the two in one synthetic furnace with by-product of 0.3-0.5mpa saturated steam; the domestic graphite film dryer has been successfully applied, and the graphite reactor heated in 240-260 ° C hot oil for a long time has been running for a long time; the stable f82t / D in the synthesis cylinder of DN 1200 is stable The main part of HCl graphite HCl synthesis furnace has not been repaired for 22 months (furnace head seat is replaced only due to tempering).

    More than thirty proprietary intellectual property rights, namely patented technology, have ensured the reliability and advanced level of the above performance. With our rigorous and honest style, the maintenance of graphite equipment for many years has been a common phenomenon and has been recognized by many old customers. Therefore, it has long been proved that the "pursuit of dedication and sincerity" proposed by us is not only a slogan, but also a true portrayal of our company over the years.

    In the decades of climbing the advanced level of graphite equipment, we have the strong support and cooperation of many domestic enterprises, such as Jiangsu Meilan, Shandong Binhua, Shandong Jinling and so on. We are looking forward to the support of more friends, give us a broader stage, and jointly let our nation have a more beautiful chapter on graphite equipment!

Yao Jian

    Director of Nantong graphite equipment design and Research Institute

    Chairman of Nantong Shanjian Graphite Equipment Co., Ltd

    Deputy director of graphite products professional committee

    Technical member of China Chemical anti corrosion Technology Association

    Member of National Technical Committee of nonmetallic chemical equipment standardization

    More than ten patent designers

    Drafter of standard of graphite pressure vessel