Graphite sulfuric acid dilution cooler

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    [structure and characteristics]

    Liuleng brand round hole sulfuric acid dilution cooler, the upper part is the mixing, dilution and distribution of concentrated sulfuric acid and soft water, and the middle and lower parts are cooling parts, which are the same as round block hole type graphite cooler. This model is a more advanced equipment in the process of concentrated sulfuric acid dilution, which can dilute more than 98% of concentrated sulfuric acid to less than 65% at a time, and directly cool it to below 50 * C after dilution.

    [technical characteristics]

    Design temperature: - 20 ~ 165 ° C

    Design pressure: longitudinal 0.1MPa transverse 0.4MPa

    Heat exchange area: 5 ~ 300m2


    The equipment can also be used for dilution, mixing and cooling of other liquid materials.

    [equipment advantages]

    (1) All seals are easy to check

    (2) High heat transfer efficiency, equipment corrosion resistance

    (3) Long service life

    (4) The price is cheap

Graphite sulfuric acid dilution cooler