STJ type graphite quench tower and quench tank

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[structure and features]

Quench tower and quench tank made of impermeable graphite are usually used for rapid cooling of high-temperature gases (corrosive flue gas and ammonia containing waste incineration gas).

Emergency principle: 1. The spray liquid vaporizes to take away heat; 2. Heat transfer of graphite interlayer wall takes away heat; 3. The spray liquid temperature is lower than the gas temperature, and the heat is converted mutually. In operation, the flow direction of gas and liquid is generally counter current. The liquid from the top of the tower is sprinkled uniformly by the spray device, and the gas rises from the bottom of the tower. The gas-liquid two-phase contact each other through the surface of the filler, so as to transfer heat and mass.

Graphite quench tower and quench tank have the characteristics of simple structure, convenient manufacture, large pressure drop, strong adaptability and large processing capacity. [technical features]

P : -0.1 ~ 0.5MPaT ::~ 1500°C

Specification: DN200 ~ DN3600

Typical users: Jiangsu Meilan group, Shandong Jinling group, Shandong Haihua Group, Shandong Dongyue Group, Liwen (Jiangsu) Investment Co., Ltd., India akpg - CMS project (Hualu design)