• How to choose graphite high speed machine tool

    Due to the brittleness of graphite materials, graphite high-speed machining is not like plastic metal materials to obtain strip or node chips through plastic deformation to achieve material removal, but through the impact, crushing and stripping of graphi

    2020-12-17 644

  • Oxidation resistance treatment of graphite materials

    It is well known that in the manufacturing process of graphite products, the pyrolysis and polycondensation of organic carbonaceous materials make the artificial graphite materials form porous properties. Generally, the porosity is about 20-3o. Most of th

    2020-12-17 768

  • Mechanism of high speed machining of graphite

    Some scholars at home and abroad have carried out preliminary analysis and Research on the crack formation and propagation, chip morphology and size, and the interaction between tool and workpiece material in common cutting and high-speed machining of gra

    2020-12-17 642

  • High speed processing technology of graphite

    When making high-speed machining technology, the following aspects should be considered comprehensively: (1) cutting parameters; (2) cutting mode; (3) tool geometry; (4) number of cutting edges and overhanging amount of cutter bar; (5) cooling conditions;

    2020-12-17 607

  • High temperature performance of graphite materials

    The characteristics and application scope of graphite materials carbon materials are inorganic non-metallic materials mainly composed of carbon element. Carbon materials are basically composed of non graphite carbon materials, while graphite materials are

    2020-12-17 635

  • Is graphite rod easy to use?

    With the development of society, graphite products become more and more diverse. Common graphite products include graphite rod, graphite column, graphite plate, graphite ark, etc., among which graphite rod is widely used in graphite electrode manufacturin

    2020-12-17 663

  • Instructions for use of graphite rod in vacuum furnace

    1. Graphite rod with good red and hot uniformity in the heating part is selected. The poor uniformity of red heat of the rod will affect the furnace temperature uniformity and shorten the service life of the rod. In the process of use, the uniformity of t

    2020-12-17 673

  • How long can graphite crucible be used at high temperature for a long time

    How long can graphite crucible be used at high temperature for a long time? Why can graphite crucible work stably at high temperature for a long time? It depends on the physical properties of graphite. Graphite has the following physical characteristics:

    2020-12-17 734

  • Causes and solutions of graphite heat exchanger leakage

    In our side, environmental protection equipment has become more and more, because the pollution caused by production is becoming more and more serious. The emergence of environmental protection equipment also brings a lot of convenience and quickness to o

    2020-12-17 848

  • How to clean graphite heat exchanger?

    Chemical cleaning method can be used for the cleaning of five ink heat exchanger. Before cleaning, it should be confirmed that the surface of the equipment is clean without obvious defects, and the surface should have a passive protective film.

    2020-12-17 670