How to choose graphite high speed machine tool


        Due to the brittleness of graphite materials, graphite high-speed machining is not like plastic metal materials to obtain strip or node chips through plastic deformation to achieve material removal, but through the impact, crushing and stripping of graphite surface materials by cutting tools, brittle fracture of graphite materials occurs and chip particles or powders are generated. The fine granular dust chips produced in the process of graphite cutting have great influence on the service life and machining accuracy of machine tools and cutting tools. If graphite dust enters the spindle, it will cause unstable clamping, reduced service life of spindle bearing and tool, increased downtime and reduced dimensional accuracy of workpiece. For high-speed machining center, the spindle speed is very high, the clamping instability will cause inertial centrifugal force, and even cause cutter breakage, which will not only cause waste, but also bring danger to operators and machine tools. Graphite dust entering the machine tool will aggravate the wear of the sliding surface of the machine, while entering the feed system will cause the wear of lead screw and linear guide rail. Graphite is a good conductive material. When graphite dust enters the data line interface, it will affect the data transmission, sensitivity and reliability after entering the numerical control system, and even cause electrical system short circuit and cause production accidents.

        In addition to the basic functions of general high-speed machining machine tool for graphite, the following three aspects should be considered: (1) dust-proof sealing of spindle and feeding system; (2) complete sealing of machine tool working area by splash proof shield and top plate; (3) dust generated during processing will be discharged from working area and collected into plastic recycling bag by integrated powerful vacuum cleaner 1. At present, the commonly used graphite high-speed machining machines at home and abroad mainly include Makino SNC series, Mitsubishi roku roku series, okk DGM series, Hsui Fong mg.850, Mikron bmcl2, r6ders rpm800 and Datron, etc. After modification, the common machining center can also be used for high speed machining of graphite. Because the sealing performance of machining center is usually good, closing the protective door can effectively prevent graphite dust from escaping, so the transformation of machining center is mainly dust collection. For the transmission system under the worktable, it is difficult to adopt complete sealing and dust prevention. Dust collecting pipe can be installed near the transmission system. At the same time, attention should be paid to the dust prevention of the spindle. When changing the tool, the tool handle should be blown clean to prevent dust from adhering to the handle and being carried into the spindle. Clean the graphite dust and clean the machining center after each processing. Dust collection transformation is mainly to install dust collection device. For the transformation of processing center, dust collection pipe should be installed. The dust collection pipe has simple structure and easy to obtain materials. It can be refitted from ordinary plastic pipe. It is easy to use, low cost and small dust collection area. The dust collection pipe can be installed near the processing area. The air flow direction of dust collection pipe and the graphite dust during processing should be ensured as far as possible The discharge direction is consistent, which can effectively collect dust.