How to clean graphite heat exchanger?


        Chemical cleaning method can be used for the cleaning of five ink heat exchanger. Before cleaning, it should be confirmed that the surface of the equipment is clean without obvious defects, and the surface should have a passive protective film. Parts should be inspected one by one. If the defects are serious, necessary replacement should be carried out before cleaning.

        In the disassembly of various parts of graphite heat exchanger, the primary solution is the bolt for connection. Attention should be paid to avoid using hammering or other destructive tools to remove the bolt parts violently. Of course, cutting is not allowed. When hoisting and handling graphite heat exchanger and other parts, attention should be paid to avoid collision to avoid damage to the equipment.

        Before disassembly, carefully observe whether there are signs of damage to various parts, such as tubesheet and graphite block, and whether there is leakage inside the graphite heat exchanger. Water pressure test shall be carried out to ensure that all parts of the equipment have no signs of leakage before they can be put into use.

        Pressure test should be carried out on graphite heat exchanger to find out whether there is leakage. If there is leakage, chemical cleaning can only be carried out after plugging. Add cleaning medium to ensure that it is full of the whole equipment, and no dead corner is allowed.