Is graphite rod easy to use?


        With the development of society, graphite products become more and more diverse. Common graphite products include graphite rod, graphite column, graphite plate, graphite ark, etc., among which graphite rod is widely used in graphite electrode manufacturing. Many people will ask why graphite rods are so popular in the electrode industry?

        1. Outstanding machining performance

        High temperature resistance and no deformation, for graphite rod, this is not just a talk. Yubei electric carbon graphite reminds you that the sealing performance of a good graphite rod will always remain unchanged no matter it encounters extremely low temperature or high temperature of 400 ℃. The thermal expansion coefficient of ultra-fine graphite rod is only 1 / 4 of that of copper, so its size will not change during the processing, and the size stability of graphite electrode is very good.

        2. Long life

        As a kind of graphite rod, the melting point and strength of ultrafine graphite rod are much higher than that of copper. We should know that 2813 holes with diameter of 0.02mm can be drilled on the superfine graphite rod with the length of 13 × 13mm, and the processing precision can be imagined. In addition, the angle loss is very small, so the service life is longer and the processing cost is much lower than that of copper electrode. It is widely used in battery electrode manufacturing, refractories in metallurgical industry, lubricating and sealing materials in chemical industry.

        However, we still want to remind you that in order to achieve the above effect, we should be careful when purchasing graphite rods, and we must choose a reliable enterprise with high purity, good quality and close service. Such enterprises are not only superior in product performance, but also more secure after-sales.