How to maintain graphite equipment?


        With the continuous development of society, graphite equipment is more and more widely used in our days. Because graphite material has a very special function and excellent corrosion resistance, graphite equipment is also very popular with us. How should graphite equipment manufacturers maintain graphite equipment?

        1. The standard number of graphite equipment is the capacity of copper;

        2. Graphite equipment should be kept away from moisture, and should be placed in a dry place or wooden frame;

        3. Handle with care when handling, do not fall and shake;

        4. Before use, it should be heated in the dry equipment or by the furnace, and the temperature should be increased to 500C;

        5. The graphite equipment should be placed below the furnace mouth plane to prevent the furnace cover from wearing;

        6. When feeding, it should be dissolved according to the graphite equipment. It is not allowed to add too much, so as to prevent tightening the graphite equipment;

        7. The East and west of furnace and crucible clamp should be in accordance with the shape of graphite equipment, and the middle part of the clamp should be prevented from damaging the graphite equipment due to stress.