What are the functions of graphite equipment materials?


        Graphite equipment is mainly made of graphite materials. If you want to understand the knowledge of graphite equipment, you need to find out what role graphite materials have. Here, what are the functions of graphite materials?

        1. As wear-resistant lubricating material: graphite is often used as lubricant in mechanical industry. As we all know, lubricating oil can not be used under high speed, high temperature and high pressure, while graphite wear-resistant material can work at high sliding speed at 2002000c without intercalated lubricating oil. Many equipment conveying corrosive medium widely use graphite material to make piston cup, sealing ring and sealing ring Bearing.

        2. Used as conductive materials: graphite is used in the electrical industry to manufacture electrodes, brushes, carbon rods, carbon tubes, positive electrodes of mercury positive current device, graphite gasket, telephone parts, television picture tube coating, etc.

        3. Used as refractories: graphite and its products have the properties of high temperature resistance and high strength. They are mainly used to make graphite crucibles in metallurgical industry. Graphite is commonly used as protective agent for ingots and lining of gold furnace in steelmaking.

        4. It can be used as pencil lead, pigment, polishing agent, etc.

        5. It can be used as casting, sand blowing, die pressing and high temperature metallurgical materials: because of its small thermal expansion coefficient and its ability to withstand rapid cooling and heating changes, it can be used as a mold for glassware. After using graphite, ferrous metal can obtain castings with accurate size, smooth surface, high yield, and can be used without processing or slight processing, thus saving a lot of metal.