Why do many people like graphite heat exchanger?


        The application of stone weight heat exchanger is more extensive, and it is necessary to use these graphite equipment in chemical industry. Graphite is used because of its acid corrosion resistance and excellent heat conduction function. The graphite core is made into a straight and horizontally isolated block hole structure. When the two media pass through each other, the high-temperature medium continuously transfers heat to the graphite heat exchanger, and the low-temperature medium continuously obtains heat from the heat exchanger, and then completes the heat exchange.

        The graphite heat exchanger has changed the heating method of acid to make the acid temperature rise uniform, shorten the temperature raising time, reduce the steam consumption, reduce the power waste and improve the working efficiency; increase the acid fluidity, have a certain scouring effect on the surface of strip steel, and accelerate the process of removing oxide scale. Compared with the heating method of directly heating acid liquor by steam, the superheated evaporation of acid and the dilution of acid by condensate water are significantly weakened due to the change of heating method.

        Graphite heat exchanger is a kind of equipment based on graphite, which has many excellent functions. We have been adhering to the concept of "good quality and good quality" for our customers. The company is willing to cooperate with the vast number of new and old customers at home and abroad to create brilliant future.