What should be paid attention to when using graphite equipment?


        1. The graphite equipment manufacturer shall lift and place it gently during handling and hoisting, and shall not touch the ground for dragging. The graphite parts shall not be pried by crowbar or tied with steel wire rope directly. Protective measures shall be taken for the graphite components exposed outside the metal shell.

        2. After the general assembly, if welding or gas cutting is required for the steel shell, the effectiveness of the graphite parts and seals shall be ensured (the shell can be filled with water), otherwise, the graphite parts shall be taken out.

        3. During use, regular inspection should be conducted to check whether the discharged cooling water or condensate water contains another material. If leakage is found, it should be stopped for maintenance in time.

        4. The inlet and outlet valves of the opening and closing equipment should be slow to avoid strong impact of materials.

        5. The medium, temperature and pressure range used shall be in strict accordance with the design requirements, and shall not be used with over temperature or overpressure or sudden change of temperature and pressure.

        6. When it is used as a heater, the material should be connected first and then the steam should be supplied; when it is used for cooling or condenser, the cooling carrier should be connected first and then the material should be connected. Stop the car in the opposite order to avoid sudden cooling and heating.

        7. When the operation temperature of the round block hole type heat exchanger is higher, the PTFE 0-type sealing ring should be first immersed in boiling water and then assembled. After the new equipment is used for several hours for the first time, check whether the cooling water or condensate water in the shell contains the material to be treated. If there is leakage, the longitudinal tie rod bolt should be tightened in time.

        8. If the materials and cooling water contain substances that are easy to crystallize and scale and block the flow passage, they should be cleaned regularly. Chemical cleaning or mechanical cleaning can be adopted according to the specific situation.