Advantages and functions of graphite products


        In recent years, graphite rod, graphite electrode, graphite mold and other graphite products are used more and more widely, which benefits from the superior function of graphite. Let's take a look at the following graphite products. The pore structure of carbon makes carbon have good adsorption property, so carbon is often used as adsorption data for adsorption of water, odor, toxic substances and so on. We have done experiments. The graphite baking plate used for barbecue looks very clean, but when heated on the induction cooker, the graphite products will see that the oil and harmful substances adsorbed during the previous barbecue will gradually seep out. However, do not worry, you can use it by wiping it with clean paper.

        Graphite products have good thermal conductivity, fast heat transfer, uniform heating and fuel saving. The baking pan and pan made of graphite are heated quickly, and the cooked food is heated evenly from inside to outside. The heating time is short. It not only tastes pure, but also can lock in the nutrients of the original food. Graphite products have chemical stability and corrosion resistance. Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature and is not corroded by any strong acid, alkali and organic solvent. Therefore, even if the graphite products are used for a long time, the loss is very little, and it is just as clean as new ones. Graphite products have strong oxidation resistance and reduction effect. Products, especially graphite mattresses, can produce negative oxygen ions after heating, which can activate the surrounding objects, maintain human health, prevent aging, and make the skin full of luster and elasticity.