A delegation from China non metallic Association visited Hegang to inspect graphite equipment


        From July 4 to 6, a delegation led by Mao Liping, vice president of China non metallic Association, visited Hegang City to investigate the promotion of Hegang City's certification of "China's Graphite city". Xie Diancai, vice mayor of Hegang City, attended the report meeting on the 6th.

        Report on the meeting, the city's relevant departments on the development of graphite industry in Hegang City. The overall goal and industrial chain of graphite industry construction are reported. Mao Liping fully affirmed the promotion of graphite industry in Hegang City. He hoped that the relevant departments of Hegang City should further improve their understanding, give full play to the advantages of Hegang graphite resources, build a standardized fossil ink industry base, and combine resource protection with development and utilization. To promote the development of graphite industry in Hegang.

        Xie Diancai said that graphite is the inherent resource advantage of Hegang City, and building "China's Graphite capital" is one of the seven major orientations for Hegang's future development. Build up the product standard system covering the graphite industry in China. We will improve the implementation of the Interim Measures for the management of graphite industry access announcement, and strive to make the graphite industry in Hegang bigger and stronger.