Supply and demand promote capacity expansion graphite industry opportunities reappear


        Broad prospects for graphene industry

        Graphene is known to have good electrical conductivity, especially suitable for high-frequency circuits. It can be used to produce super computers in the future. Graphene photon sensors are used to detect the information carried in optical fibers. At the same time, the transparent properties of graphene make the electrical panels made of graphene have better transparency, which can be used in the LCD panel of solar cells. Graphene can also be used in the fields of quality control and gene sequencing to produce ultra-thin ultra light aircraft materials and super tough bulletproof vests.

        As a substitute for silicon, graphene can be used in chip field instead of crystalline silicon. The demand of semiconductor crystalline silicon is about 2500 tons in the world every year. If graphene can replace one tenth of silicon to make integrated circuit. The market capacity should be at least 500 billion yuan. Graphene can be used as a conductive material to make display devices. It is estimated that the global demand of ITO conductive glass will be 85 million ~ 95 million pieces in 2011, and the replacement space of graphene is huge. Focus on Fangda carbon Antai technology and other related listed companies. The production capacity of synthetic diamond is expanded. The related technology of synthetic diamond is to produce diamond through the reaction of carbon material such as graphite and some metals, which is widely used in various fields of national economy. With the continuous expansion of China's investment and infrastructure scale, technological upgrading in traditional processing field, global manufacturing stations transferring to China and rapid development of new industries, China's synthetic diamond market demand is more vigorous, showing a sustained and rapid growth trend.

        The national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of Commerce stressed that superhard materials and products involved two priority areas for development. One is to give priority to the development of industrial automation in the field of advanced manufacturing. Since 2000, the import volume of superhard material products has been increasing at an average annual rate of more than 209%. There is a large space for development in the field of superhard materials in China.

        Superhard material industry belongs to the subdivision industry of diamond industry. In addition to composite (polymer) superhard material industry, there is also single product superhard material industry. After entering 2000, China has become a world leader in superhard materials manufacturing, with an average compound growth rate of 16.4% in the past decade, accounting for more than 90% of the global total.

        Demand growth of special graphite

        Special graphite mainly includes isostatic pressing graphite and needle coke, which is widely used. Isostatic pressing graphite is mainly used in solar photovoltaic and semiconductor, continuous casting mold, EDM and nuclear power. Driven by the photovoltaic industry, the supply of isostatic pressing graphite is in short supply and the price is high. From the perspective of domestic market demand, the annual demand of isostatic pressing graphite in China will exceed 30000 tons in 2015. We should pay attention to the listed companies such as Boyun new material, Sinosteel, Jitan, etc.

        The annual demand of needle coke in China is about 400000 tons, 80% of which is imported, and high-grade products are entirely imported. Due to the technology monopoly, needle coke is mainly produced by foreign companies.