Special acid resistant industrial membrane separation or concentration system

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1. Special industrial membrane separation

Industrial wastewater treatment and resource recovery

Low investment and operating costs

Green technology without pollution

Copper containing acid wastewater treatment, separation and recovery of copper and industrial water

Fluorination lean liquid treatment, separation and recovery of precious metals

Conventional ro concentrated hydrochloric acid advanced super concentration treatment, zero discharge

Recovery of acid, alkali, ammonia and other working reagents from wastewater purification for energy saving and emission reduction

2. Waste acid treatment of titanium dioxide plant -- recovery of washing water and gypsum

For every - ton of SiO2 produced by sulfuric acid process, 6-8 tons of waste acid, 20% of waste acid and 40-50 tons of waste acid water will be produced

The waste acid also contains 6-8g / L TiO2 and 10ppm scandium sc. with the waste acid entering the next process, most of them are precipitated in the waste residue or gypsum

If the waste acid and TiO2 in lung water can be concentrated and recovered, the recovery rate of TiO2 can be greatly increased

If a large number of waste acid water can be recycled as washing water after treatment, it will contribute to energy saving and emission reduction of titanium dioxide enterprises. The example of acid concentration by SIMS is used

3. Sulfuric acid concentration from 1% to 3%

Hydrochloric acid concentration from 0.5% to 5%

Phosphoric acid concentration from 0.2% to 15%

Acetic acid concentration from 5% to 25%

4. Examples of acid purification with special membrane

25% the essence of phosphoric acid, remove organic matter and heavy metal in acid.

Removal of metals and organics by 22% hydrochloric acid purification

Removal of heavy metals and organics by 12% sulfuric acid

Removal of metals and organics by 5% hydrofluoric acid

5. Special industrial membrane sime

Acid and alkali resistance: pH = 0 ~ 14

High temperature resistance: ~ 150 ° C

High voltage resistance: ~ 200bar

Oxidation resistance: 50% H2O2

2%, high concentration of CaSO4, resistant to petroleum ions

The membrane was modified for different industrial plant

6. Special industrial membrane separation system

Rich industrial application experience: a variety of industrial applications and platforms

Large scale industrial application experience: 2500m3 / h