Thermal superconductivity

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Inorganic thermal superconducting technology has the following excellent characteristics:

1. The thermal conductivity is 32000 times higher than that of pure silver;

2. Low thermal resistance and good temperature uniformity;

3. The axial heat transfer capacity of the heat transfer element is 27.2mw/m2 and the side heat transfer capacity is 157kw / m2;

Related invention patents:

A new type of industrial fluidized bed reactor with inorganic thermal superconducting technology

ZL 201610227497.X

Application fields:

1. It can be used for waste heat recovery of high temperature flue gas such as incinerator and boiler, especially for the condition with fine particles in flue gas;

2. It is used in the chemical industry where the hot and cold media need to be isolated, with high safety;

3. It is used in electric heating field to increase heat transfer area;

4. The application in industrial fluidized bed reactor can meet the requirements of heating and heat extraction integration;

A multi phase change stereo heating device

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