Trichloroacetaldehyde chlorination tower

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        After the graphite chlorination tower is used in the production of Trichloroacetaldehyde, the process can be changed from the original step type to the tower type, which can not only greatly save the raw materials (for example, a certain factory can save 100 kg of ethanol per ton of hydrogen oil), but also prolong the start-up time, improve the production efficiency and simplify the process flow.

        The chlorination tower is composed of tower top condenser, tower section (multi section), chlorine distributor, overflow pipe, tower plate, tower section condenser (multi section), tower bottom condenser, tower kettle, etc. Except for the tower bottom, other parts are made of graphite material (tower section can also be made of steel lining). The diameter (outer diameter) of Liuleng chlorination tower produced by our factory is: φ 400, φ 650, φ 700, and φ 1000 mm, and the height is more than 10 meters. Other specifications can be manufactured according to the drawings.