By product steam two in one graphite synthesis furnace

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[structure and characteristics]

It is composed of steel shell and graphite furnace cover, furnace body (synthetic cylinder), furnace bottom and lamp holder

1. Long service life (normally more than 10 years in normal production);

2. The acid purity of the product is high;

3. It can simplify the production process;

4. Large production capacity (compared with volume);

5. Good working conditions;

6. Easy to control and manage.

[technical characteristics]

Design pressure: Furnace: - 0.02 - 0.006mpa

Outlet temperature: S350 ° C, water jacket temperature 65 ° C

Materials: ci2, H2, HCI

Cooling water: normal temperature and normal pressure

Note: other types of graphite synthesis furnace can be made according to the user's drawings.