YKSL type circular block type three in one graphite hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace

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[structure and characteristics]

It is the characteristic of Liuleng three in one hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace to combine the three procedures of HCI gas synthesis, absorption and cooling into one equipment.

The equipment has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, high production efficiency, high purity of product acid, high structural strength, easy to control, high comprehensive volumetric efficiency of synthesis, absorption and cooling and high absorption intensity. It can greatly simplify the production process and directly obtain more than 35% industrial purity or even reagent hydrochloric acid.

The company has produced 1 ~ 200t / D (31 ~ 35hci) different specifications of this type of synthetic furnace, and can design and manufacture larger size of this type of furnace according to the requirements of users. Further information will be sent on request.

[technical characteristics]

Furnace: outlet acid temperature: < 50 ° C, design pressure: < 0.1MPa

Outside the furnace: design pressure: 0.4MPa (cooling water) design temperature: < 100 ° C

[equipment advantages]

1. The effective liquid cooling of graphite furnace head makes the furnace top cover not contact with high temperature gas, which overcomes the defect that the top cover of three in one furnace is easy to burn out.

2. For the whole process of liquid cooling for the inner and outer walls of graphite synthetic cylinder, the defect that liquid cooling can not be obtained on the high temperature zone of graphite furnace tube and part of inner wall (or / and) outer wall of graphite furnace tube has been changed before, and the reliability has been improved.

3. By using long pull rod assembly, the steel shell does not participate in the final assembly of stone measuring pieces, which avoids the influence of the verticality deviation of steel shell flange surface on the sealing reliability between stone and hope, so it is easy to assemble successfully at one time.