SSL type water jacket graphite HCl synthesis furnace

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[structure and characteristics]

It is used for the synthesis of hydrogen chloride by combustion of ammonia and hydrogen, and cooling the high temperature gas at the same time.

It is composed of steel shell and graphite furnace cover, synthetic cylinder and furnace bottom

1. Long service life (- generally more than 13 years)

2. The product has high purity

3. It can simplify the production process

4. Large production capacity (compared with volume)

5. Good working conditions

6. Convenient control and management

[technical characteristics]

Design pressure: allowable pressure in furnace: ≤ 0.12mpa, water jacket: 0.4MPa

Design temperature: outlet temperature: S500 ° C water jacket: water, hot water, steam

Note: after improving the design of this type of product, pressure hot water can be produced in the jacket, that is, by-product hot water (steam) synthesis furnace!