SRL type two in one graphite hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace

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Typical users: Shandong Binhua group (3 sets) Zhejiang Jiahua group (1 set)

[structure and characteristics]

It is composed of steel shell and graphite furnace cover, furnace body (synthetic cylinder), furnace bottom and lamp holder

1. Long service life (normally more than 10 years in normal production);

2. The acid purity of the product is high;

3. It can simplify the production process;

4. Large production capacity (compared with volume);

5. Good working conditions;

6. Easy to control and manage.

[technical characteristics]

Design pressure: Furnace: - 0.02 - 0.006mpa

Outlet temperature: S350 ° C, water jacket temperature 65 ° C

Materials: ci2, H2, HCI

Cooling water: normal temperature and normal pressure

Note: other types of graphite synthesis furnace can be made according to the user's drawings.

The factory can also produce complete sets of equipment for the manufacture of synthetic hydrochloric acid.

That is: graphite synthesis furnace ~ graphite pipeline system graphite falling film absorber ~ tail gas tower (stone egg: material tower) - jet pump.