GH floating head tubular graphite heat exchanger

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        [structure and characteristics]

        It has the advantages of simple structure, compact structure, small fluid resistance, and can be used to manufacture large-scale equipment. But the pressure and temperature resistance are lower than that of block hole. It is suitable for non strong impact and less moving occasions, and it is better to be used as a cooler (condenser). The equipment is divided into type I and type II. Type I without gas-liquid separator and type I with gas-liquid separator shall be selected as condenser. The equipment is generally assembled by φ 22 / φ 33 mm extruded graphite tube. It can also produce tubular graphite heat exchanger assembled by φ 25 / P37. φ 36 / φ 50 mm graphite tubes. One end of the tubesheet is fixed, and the other end can float freely. The outer circle seal of floating tubesheet is generally sealed by packing and "O" ring.

        [technical characteristics]

        Allowable temperature: heater: - 20 ~ 120 ° C

        As cooler: - 20 ~ 130 * C

        Allowable pressure: tube side: 0.3MPa (dns900), 0.2MPa (DN > 900)

        Shell side: 0.5MPa (DN ≤ 1100), 0.4MPa (DN > 1100)


        This series of products can be used as cooler and condenser.

        [equipment advantages]

        (1) All seals are easy to check;

        (2) Low pressure drop;

        (3) Large product specifications;

        (4) High heat transfer efficiency, corrosion resistance and long service life;

        (5) It's cheap.

        Nozzle size table:

GH floating head tubular graphite heat exchanger

Installation dimension table:

GH floating head tubular graphite heat exchanger