Model 3jk rectangular block hole graphite heat exchanger

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        [structure and characteristics]

        Six edge rectangular block hole heat exchanger consists of rectangular graphite head, graphite heat exchanger block and sealing gasket. Because the heat exchange block only bears pressure and is of integral structure without cementation joint, its structural strength is high and its impact resistance is good. The water seal side plate is cast iron plate, which is easy to repair, assemble and disassemble. It can also be made into two-way anti-corrosion structure.

        [technical characteristics]

        Design temperature: - 20 ~ 150 ° C

        Design pressure: 0.3MPa (non standard improved equipment has been used at 0.5MPa)


        The equipment can be used as heater, cooler and condenser, and the material flow is 1 ~ 4 processes.

        [equipment advantages]

        (1) All seals are easy to check;

        (2) Large product specifications;

        (3) High heat transfer efficiency, corrosion resistance and long service life;

        (4) It's cheap.

Model 3jk rectangular block hole graphite heat exchanger

Note: 1. DB in the nozzle specification is the inner diameter of the nozzle, and DG is the nominal diameter of the pipe flange;

          2. Nozzle a, B, C, D, flange sealing surface dimensions are shown in the specification;

          3. The size of pipe flange shall be in accordance with hg5006-58pg10, dg.