Causes and solutions of graphite heat exchanger leakage


        In our side, environmental protection equipment has become more and more, because the pollution caused by production is becoming more and more serious. The emergence of environmental protection equipment also brings a lot of convenience and quickness to our life. We should know that graphite has many unique characteristics, especially in the purification of this piece, also plays a very important role. The five ink heat exchanger is one of the graphite equipment commonly used by us now. We must pay attention to some matters when installing it, because it is easy to damage it if it is not installed correctly. Among them, the installation site requirements are: the graphite heat exchanger should be placed on the support which meets the height requirements and should be reliable and balanced. In addition, the drain valve should be installed to prevent the parking and accident. Installation of nuts: the purpose of sealing is achieved by tightening the main bolts so that they are pressed against each other. Special care should be taken to the sealing surface. When tightening the main bolt, the specified tightening torque should not be exceeded to restore the good sealing performance. When tightening the bolts, it is necessary to tighten the bolts symmetrically for several times according to the diagonal angle, and the force should be even. It is not allowed to tilt to one side to achieve good sealing effect. After transportation and moving, the bolts are easy to loosen. Before installation, check and adjust the equipment carefully.

        With the rapid improvement of production level, more and more new materials begin to appear in our production. Many materials have their own characteristics, which are used in our production and have a very effective effect. Graphite should be familiar to everyone. It can be found in many equipment and materials. Graphite heat exchanger is the equipment for processing graphite materials. Its appearance meets the market demand for graphite. However, if there is a fault, it will greatly affect the characteristics of graphite. When there is a problem of two-phase medium string, we should first check whether the quality of graphite is defective, and then check whether the adhesive of graphite heat exchanger is normal, whether there is dissolution, aging and deterioration No, driving has an impact. It may come from heat or water hammer. Solution: the quality problems need to be replaced, the adhesive needs to be glued again, the impact force should be balanced, and drainage should be carried out in advance. The fracture of graphite tube may be caused by the fast feeding speed of starting and stopping equipment during operation. Graphite heat exchanger manufacturer solution: to ensure smooth operation. The system vibrates greatly and the material flow is not smooth, which leads to unstable operation. Solution: adjust the balance between material and system before operation. As long as the problem is found, it is easy to solve the failure of graphite heat exchanger and treat the problem correctly to solve it.

        Graphite has a good performance, so the graphite based process equipment is widely used in our life. Graphite heat exchanger as one of them is widely loved. Graphite heat exchanger has good corrosion resistance, heat transfer surface is not easy to scale and has good heat transfer performance. However, graphite is easy to crack and has low bending and tensile strength, so it can only be used for low pressure. Even if the pressure bearing capacity block is porous structure, its working pressure is generally only 0.3 ~ 0.5 MPa. Graphite heat exchanger has the advantages of high cost, large volume and few use. It is mainly used for heat transfer of corrosive media such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid and phosphoric acid, such as condenser for acetic acid and acetic acid. Generally, there are three reasons for the leakage of graphite heat exchanger. The problem may appear on the tube body of phenolic graphite profiled tube. When cracks, roughness and sand holes are found on the tube body, the problem can be determined. It is precisely because of these surface phenomena that the quality of the tube body is poor. Under the action of various external pressures during operation, the tube can not be used normally Leakage of pipe body.