Industry application of graphite products from graphene


        Graphene has undoubtedly injected a new impetus into the new material market. Graphene has become an industry that local governments and enterprises are keen to get involved in. Under the halo of the Nobel Prize in physics, graphene is defined as a new generation of materials. Due to the excellent conductivity and other properties of graphene, the field of energy storage has become one of its main applications, "graphene battery" came to the altar. Let's go back to the processing of graphite raw materials and graphite products. Graphite has excellent characteristics that other metal materials can't replace, so we can see the figure of graphite materials in various industries.

        In the processing of graphite products, the industries involved in graphite products are far more than we thought, Based on the graphite products processing experience of Nantong Shanjian Graphite Equipment Co., Ltd. over the years, graphite products have been widely used in solar photovoltaic, electronic semiconductor, high temperature treatment of industrial furnace, mechanical processing, nonferrous metal smelting, EDM, diamond sintering mold, mold, solar photovoltaic, chemical industry, nuclear industry and quartz and other industries.