• How to maintain graphite equipment?

    With the continuous development of society, graphite equipment is more and more widely used in our days. Because graphite material has a very special function and excellent corrosion resistance, graphite equipment is also very popular with us. How should

    2020-12-17 119

  • Where does the dirt of graphite heat exchanger come from?

    For the commonly used five ink heat exchanger, according to the scaling mechanism, the fouling is generally divided into the following categories.

    2020-12-17 108

  • What are the functions of graphite equipment materials?

    Graphite equipment is mainly made of graphite materials. If you want to understand the knowledge of graphite equipment, you need to find out what role graphite materials have. Here, what are the functions of graphite materials?

    2020-12-17 97

  • Why do many people like graphite heat exchanger?

    The application of stone weight heat exchanger is more extensive, and it is necessary to use these graphite equipment in chemical industry.

    2020-12-17 107

  • What should be paid attention to when using graphite equipment?

    When lifting the graphite shell, it is not allowed to use the steel wire to lift the graphite shell. It is not allowed to use the steel wire to lift the graphite shell.

    2020-12-17 111

  • Advantages and functions of graphite products

    In recent years, graphite rod, graphite electrode, graphite mold and other graphite products are used more and more widely, which benefits from the superior function of graphite. Let's take a look at the following graphite products. The pore structure of

    2020-12-17 275

  • The future market prospect of graphite block

    Graphite block supplier's new graphite material is an indispensable functional basic material for the development of modern industrial technology, known as "black gold". Pencil lead, mobile phone lithium-ion battery, negative electrode of automobile batte

    2020-12-17 283

  • Reasons for carbon deposition on electrode

    1. The improper use of machining standards exceeds the current density bearing capacity of discharge cross-section. The application of discharge energy is not random. If you want to process faster, the current should be applied a little higher. In the dis

    2020-12-17 254

  • Reasons for graphite electrode replacing copper electrode

    Graphite material is a kind of carbon material composed of graphitic carbon. It is one of the rapidly developing materials in today's industrial materials. It is not only used in the traditional industrial industries (metallurgy, chemical industry, machin

    2020-12-17 275

  • Sinopec's market share in Fujian Province has increased rapidly

    Fujian oil refining and chemical projects have been completed and put into operation with fruitful results. From January to November, Fujian United Petrochemical Company achieved sales revenue of nearly 53 billion yuan, profit of nearly 800 million yuan a

    2020-12-17 306